How It Works

Heres How The Modern Warfare Service Works...

This service is done completely legit by my duping method. This service means I will be duping Damascus camo to your choice of guns and saving them as a Blueprint so you can keep these guns and equip and remove the guns from your classes at anytime.

Please be aware that your account must be at lease level 4 for edit load outs to be unlocked and the gun you want Damascus on must be level 10 and above. Anything under is unable to save on your account. What I will need from you: Since this dupe method can only be accomplished on Xbox I will need to be on an Xbox account when duping your account. So if you are on PS4 I would need to create a dummy account so you can link your activation account on. In order for me to dupe. Just message email your and pw How much time it takes: If all of your information is correct I can log in right away and complete the dupe this takes around 10 to 20 minutes I am very quick.