Platinum Camos

Modern Warfare: Platinum Camo Service

All Weapon Camos: Platinum.

This is an service for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), we do offer the majority of all weapons camo in platinum, this service will grant most of your gear to unlock the platinum camo. Before you purchase anything be sure to check out 'How Does It Work?' at the top right of the screen. If purchased, this service will be granted and no refunds will be given.

£20.00 For All Platinum Camos.

Single Or Selective Camos: Platinum.

If you do not need or want all camos in platinum then you can select an single weapon (which you don't have platinum camo for) then let us know which one you would like to unlock it for, we also offer these weapons with platinum as a solo purchase too.

  • Knife,
  • Launchers,
  • & Shields.

  • £1.00 Per Platinum Camo.

    £4.00 For Knife, Launchers And Shields.

Platinum Camos